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What Can I do with Electronic Documents Available on S-WoBA?

All electronic documents available here are, unless otherwise noted, the copyright of the authors and/or the organization sponsoring the working paper series.

You have the right to

It may be OK to do additional things with some electronic documents. Obtain the permission of the copyright holder, usually the author or the organization sponsoring the working paper series, before doing anything else.

What happens with the copyright when I place an electronic document on S-WoBA?

In short: Nothing.

The copyright remains with the original copyright holder.

By placing an electronic document on S-WoBA you implicitly certify that the copyright holder (usually the author or the organization sponsoring the working paper series) grants users of S-WoBA the right to

What happens when a working paper is published?

When publishing a paper in a journal, proceedings volume etc. the publisher usually requires that the copyright of the work is transfered to the publisher. This transfer of copyright may not allow that an electronic version of the work is made available under the above conditions. The exact nature of the copyright agreement varies between publishers, some put no restrictions on distribution of electronic versions, some require that an electronic version should be identical to the published version, some allow that an electronic version is made available if it is different from the published version (i.e. the working paper before the revisions made in the refereeing process) and some completely prohibit that electronic versions are made available.

The SHERPA/RoMEO site lists the copyright and self-archiving policies of most publishers.

To facilitate publication of the working paper, S-WoBA will remove links to electronic versions of the working paper on the request of the author or the organization sponsoring the working paper series. The easiest way of doing this is by using the form for updating the information about the working paper.

The S-WoBA team or the Stockholm School of Economics takes no responsibility for any infringements of copyright due to the failure to notify S-WoBA about the change in copyright status of an electronic document.