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No 2011-17: Realizing the value of Family Business Identity as Corporate Brand Element — A Research Model
Anna Blombäck

No 2011-16: Corporate responsibility practices in Swedish retail — identifying differences between independent stores and chain stores
Anna Blombäck and Caroline Wigren-Kristoferson

No 2011-15: Owners'strategizing in the family firm — Dialogue as an Influential practice
Ethel Brundin and Leif Melin

No 2011-14: Corporate value statements - a means for family-controlled firms to monitor the agent?
Anna Blombäck, Olof Brunninge and Anders Melander

No 2011-13: Bridging generations - A study of corporate value statements in family firms
Anna Blombäck, Olof Brunninge and Anders Melander

No 2011-12: Designing Innovation of Meanings – A Competitive Advantage
Jonas Magnusson and Johan Nilsson

No 2011-11: Towards an inclusion of founders and founding processes in organizational identity research: The case of Rheinische Post
Börje Boers and Olof Brunninge

No 2011-10: Constructing family firm identity over generations: The case of the Swedish pulp and paper firm MoDo 1872-1990
Olof Brunninge and Anders Melander

No 2011-9: The dynamics of path dependence on the organizational and the industry level: MoDo and the Swedish pulp and paper industry 1872-1990
Olof Brunninge and Anders Melander

No 2011-8: Supporting entrepreneurship in an urban neighbourhood context: A review of German experiences
Lutz Trettin, Uwe Neumann and Friederike Welter

No 2011-7: Main Bank Power, Switching Costs, and Firm Performance: Theory and Evidence from Ukraine

No 2011-6: Perceived Challenges of Growth in Micro Enterprises
Sara Ekberg and Jesper Hedell

No 2011-5: Mergers & Acquisitions and Innovation Performance in the Telecommunications Equipment Industry
Tseveen Gantumur and Andreas Stephan

No 2011-4: A Comparative Study of Ten Asymmetry Tests
Thomas Holgersson

No 2011-3: Earnings Management Behavior and Choice of Accounting Standards
Wolfgang Aussenegg, Petra Inwinkl, Ranko Jelic and Georg Schneider

No 2011-2: Can public service be owned? - A story of noble ideals, legal tensions, and the 140,300 SEK question of what public service really is and who has the right to use it as a brand
Edward Humphreys and Maria Norbäck

No 2011-1: Estimating Mean-Standard Deviation Ratios of Financial Data
Thomas Holgersson, Peter Karlsson and Rashid Mansoor

2010 2011 2012
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