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No 2015/33: Making Bank: Why High Bank Leverage is Optimal - for the Bank's Shareholders
Nikhil Atreya, Aksel Mjøs and Svein-Arne Persson

No 2015/32: Apple's Agency Model and the Role of Resale Price Maintenance
Øystein Foros, Hans Jarle Kind and Greg Shaffer

No 2015/31: Immobilizing Corporate Income Shifting: Should It Be Safe to Strip in the Harbor?
Thomas A. Gresik, Dirk Schindler and Guttorm Schjelderup

No 2015/30: Taxing mobile capital and profits: The nordic welfare states
Guttorm Schjelderup

No 2015/29: The Tax Sensitivity of Debt in Multinationals: A Review
Guttorm Schjelderup

No 2015/28: Hybrid Pricing in a Coupled European Power Market with More Wind Power
Endre Bjørndal, Mette Bjørndal, Hong Cai and Evangelos Panos

No 2015/27: Productivity Development for Norwegian Electricity Distribution Companies 2004-2013
Xiaomei Cheng, Endre Bjørndal, Gudbrand Lien and Mette Bjørndal

No 2015/26: What Happened in Burlington?
Eivind Stensholt

No 2015/25: Malmquist Productivity Analysis based on StoNED
Xiaomei Cheng, Endre Bjørndal and Mette Bjørndal

No 2015/24: On the Distributional Assumptions in the StoNED model
Xiaomei Cheng, Jonas Andersson and Endre Bjørndal

No 2015/23: An Economic Analysis of Debarment
Emmanuelle Auriol and Tina Søreide

No 2015/22: Optimal Scale in Different Environments – The Case of Norwegian Electricity Distribution Companies
Xiaomei Cheng, Endre Bjørndal and Mette Bjørndal

No 2015/21: Income Shifting under Losses
Arnt O. Hopland, Petro Lisowsky, Mohammed Mardan and Dirk Schindler

No 2015/20: Investing in legal advice - What determines the costs of enforcing intellectual property rights?
Steffen Juranek

No 2015/19: The Effect of Tax Havens on Host Country Welfare
Thomas A. Gresik, Dirk Schindler and Guttorm Schjelderup

No 2015/18: Creating a National Champion: International Competition and Unbundling in Rail Transportation
Steffen Juranek

No 2015/17: Future world market prices of milk and feed looking into the crystal ball
Bjørn Gunnar Hansen and Yushu Li

No 2015/16: Shapley-Based Stackelberg Leadership Formation in Networks
Ivan Belik and Kurt Jörnsten

No 2015/15: The equity premium in a production economy; A new perspective involving recursive utility
Knut K. Aase

No 2015/14: Bank Supervision after the Financial Crisis: Signals from the Market for Liquidity
Kjell G. Nyborg

No 2015/13: Missing in Action? Speed optimization and slow steaming in maritime shipping
Lisa Assmann, Jonas Andersson and Gunnar S. Eskeland

No 2015/12: Secrecy Jurisdictions
Guttorm Schjelderup

No 2015/11: Beyond the local mean-variance analysis in continuous time: The problem of non-normality
Knut K. Aase and Jostein Lillestøl

No 2015/10: Stepwise Investment and Capacity Sizing under Uncertainty
Michail Chronopoulos, Verena Hagspiel and Stein–Erik Fleten

No 2015/9: Peak price hours in the Nordic power market winter 2009/2010: effects of pricing, demand elasticity and transmission capacities
Victoria Gribkovskaia

No 2015/8: Beta-creaming
Jostein Lillestøl and Richard Sinding-Larsen

No 2015/7: Best estimate reporting with asymmetric loss
Jostein Lillestøl and Richard Sinding-Larsen

No 2015/6: Recursive utility and jump-diffusions
Knut K. Aase

No 2015/5: Is Legal Pot Crippling Mexican Drug Trafficking Organizations? The Effect of Medical Marijuana Laws on US Crime
Evelina Gavrilova, Takuma Kamada and Floris Zoutman

No 2015/4: A new Lagrangean Approach for the Travelling Salesman Problem
Kurt Jörnsten and Jörg Kalcsics

No 2015/3: Job Loss and Regional Mobility
Kristiina Huttunen, Jarle Møen and Kjell G. Salvanes

No 2015/2: The Analysis of Leadership Formation in Networks Based on Shapley Value
Ivan Belik and Kurt Jörnsten

No 2015/1: A new Semi-Lagrangean Relaxation for the p-median problem
Alex Butsch, Kurt Jörnsten and Jörg Kalcsics

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