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No 2018/19: Stairway to (Secrecy) Heaven: Market Attitudes towards Secrecy Shopping
Evelina Gavrilova and Aija Polakova

No 2018/18: Name and shame? Evidence from the European Union tax haven blacklist
Aija Polakova

No 2018/17: The Green Paradox and learning by doing
Rögnvaldur Hannesson

No 2018/16: CO2 intensity and GDP per capita
Rögnvaldur Hannesson

No 2018/15: The Flow-Based Market Coupling Model and the Bidding Zone Configuration
Endre Bjørndal, Mette Bjørndal and Hong Cai

No 2018/14: Flow-Based Market Coupling in the European Electricity Market – A Comparison of Efficiency and Feasibility
Endre Bjørndal, Bjørndal Mette and Hong Cai

No 2018/13: What is wrong with IRV?
Eivind Stensholt

No 2018/12: Sample statistics as convincing evidence: A tax fraud case
Jostein Lillestøl

No 2018/11: Cooperative game-theoretic features of cost sharing in location-routing
Ondrej Osicka, Mario Guajardo and Thibault van Oost

No 2018/10: Can an Emission Trading Scheme really reduce CO2 emissions in the short term? Evidence from a maritime fleet composition and deployment model
Yewen Gu, Stein W. Wallace and Xin Wang

No 2018/9: Corporate returns to subsidized R&D projects: Direct grants vs tax credit financing
Jarle Møen

No 2018/8: Relational Contracting, Negotiation, and External Enforcement
David Miller, Trond E. Olsen and Joel Watson

No 2018/7: Matematikk og statistikk som metodefag ved NHH: De første femti år
Jostein Lillestøl

No 2018/6: Relational Incentive Contracts and Performance Measurement
Chang Koo Chi and Trond E. Olsen

No 2018/5: Wealth Taxation, Non-listed Firms, and the Risk of Entrepreneurial Investment
Dirk Schindler

No 2018/4: Measuring Market Power in Gasoline Retailing: A Market- or Station Phenomenon?
Mai Nguyen-Ones and Frode Steen

No 2018/3: What Do You Buy When No One’s Watching? The Effect of Self-Service Checkouts on the Composition of Sales in Retail
Andreas Olden

No 2018/2: Seasonality matters: a multi-season, multi-state dynamic optimization in fishery
Yuanming Ni and Leif K. Sandal

No 2018/1: The value of foresight in the drybulk freight market
Vit Prochazka, Roar Adland and Stein W. Wallace

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