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No 02-24: On the Suboptimality of Single-Factor Exercise Strategies for Bermudan Swaptions
Mikkel Svenstrup

No 02-23: Efficient Control Variates and Strategies for Bermudan Swaptions in a Libor Market Model
Malene Shin Jensen and Mikkel Svenstrup

No 02-22: Mortgage Choice - The Danish Case
Mikkel Svenstrup

No 02-21: Valuation of Path-Dependent Interest Rate Derivatives in a Finite Difference Setup
Mikkel Svenstrup

No 02-20: The Pros and Cons of Butterfly Barbells
Michael Christensen

No 02-19: Multivariate Term Structure Models with Level and Heteroskedasticity Effects
Charlotte Christiansen

No 02-18: Improving the Least-Squares Monte-Carlo Approach
Nicki Søndergaard Rasmussen

No 02-17: Efficient Control Variates for Monte-Carlo Valuation of American Options
Nicki Søndergaard Rasmussen

No 02-16: Finite Difference Computation of State-Prices in Term Structure Models: with Applications to Calibration and MBS Analysis
Nicki Søndergaard Rasmussen

No 02-15: Hedging with a Misspecified Model
Nicki Søndergaard Rasmussen

No 02-14: Long-Run Forecasting in Multicointegrated Systems
Boriss Siliverstovs, Tom Engsted and Niels Haldrup

No 02-13: Regime Switching in the Yield Curve
Charlotte Christiansen

No 02-12: Testing for Multiple Types of Marginal Investor in Ex-day Pricing
Jan Bartholdy and Kate Briown

No 02-11: Unbiased Estimation of Expected Return Using CAPM
Jan Bartholdy and Paula Peare

No 02-10: Deposit Insurance and the Risk Premium in Bank Deposit Rates
Jan Bartholdy, G. W. Boyle and R. D. Stover

No 02-9: The Educational Asset Market: A Finance Perspective on Human Capital Investment
Charlotte Christiansen and Helena Skyt Nielsen

No 02-8: Aktiemarkedet
Tom Engsted

No 02-7: Estimating intractable non-linear term structure models
Peter Mikkelsen

No 02-6: Estimating quadratic term structure models by non-linear filtering
Jes Taulbjerg

No 02-5: Conditional moment testing, term premia and affine term structure models
Jes Taulbjerg

No 02-4: Co-integration and exponential-affine models of the term structure
Jes Taulbjerg

No 02-3: Revisiting the shape of the yield curve: the effect of interest rate volatility.
Charlotte Christiansen and Jesper Lund

No 02-2: Misspecification versus bubbles in hyperinflation data: Comment.
Tom Engsted

No 02-1: The comovement of US and UK stock markets.
Tom Engsted and Carsten Tanggaard

2000 2001 2002 2003 2004
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