Scandinavian Working Papers in Business Administration

SSE/EFI Working Paper Series in Business Administration,
Stockholm School of Economics

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No 2002:19: Information use in institutional investor organizations
Niclas Hellman

No 2002:18: Frågor kring ämnet Information Management i svenskt näringsliv våren 2002
Frank Ulbrich and Kristina Nilsson

No 2002:17: Where is the Action?
Per Andersson and Hans Kjellberg

No 2002:16: Acceptance of mobile services - insights from the Swedish market for mobile telephony
Per Andersson and Kristina Heinonen

No 2002:15: IT Project Governance: A Process-Oriented Study of Organizational Control and Executive Involvement
Magnus Mähring

No 2002:14: On the Value of Mobile Business Processes: Evidence from Sweden and the Netherlands
Hans van der Heijden and Pablo Valiente

No 2002:13: An Expectancy-Value Approach to Determinants of Trust
Mattias Viklund

No 2002:12: Energy Policy Options - from the Perspective of Public Attitudes and Risk Perceptions
Mattias Viklund

No 2002:11: The Perceived Risk of Terrorism
Lennart Sjöberg

No 2002:10: A Method to Identify Opportunities for Mobile Business Processes
Pablo Valiente and Hans van der Heijden

No 2002:9: The distortion of beliefs in the face of uncertainty
Lennart Sjöberg

No 2002:8: The anatomy of a business game
Jan Edman and Ingolf Ståhl

No 2002:7: Metodologi för företagsekonomer - Ett försök till positionsbestämning
Bo Sellstedt

No 2002:6: Risk, politik och näringsliv
Lennart Sjöberg

No 2002:5: Perceived information technology risks and attitudes
Lennart Sjöberg

No 2002:4: A Web-based Distance Learning System in Business Administration Experiences from an Inter-Nordic Course
Ingolf Ståhl

No 2002:3: Organising R&D in a global environment, Increasing dispersed co-operation versus continuos centralisation.
Jon Rognes

No 2002:2: Geographical dispersion and spontaneous interaction in an R&D environment
Jon Rognes

No 2002:1: Telecommuting resistance, soft but strong: Development of telecommuting over time, and related rhetoric, in three organisations
Jon Rognes

1998 1999 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014
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