Scandinavian Working Papers in Business Administration

SSE/EFI Working Paper Series in Business Administration,
Stockholm School of Economics

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No 2004:21: Staten och det civila samhället. Idétraditioner och tankemodeller i den statliga bidragsgivningen till ideella organisationer
Filip Wijkström, Stefan Einarsson and Ola Larsson

No 2004:20: Scope, Roles and Visions of Swedish Foundations
Filip Wijkström

No 2004:19: The Role of Civil Society. The Case of Sweden in International Comparison
Filip Wijkström

No 2004:18: The Popular Movement Marinade – The dominant civil society framework in Sweden
Johan Hvenmark and Filip Wijkström

No 2004:17: Dolda arenor för (re)produktion av ett alternativt ledarskap?
Filip Wijkström and Cecilia Åkerblom

No 2004:16: Die Wiederverzauberung des Finanzmarkts: Gemeinschaft, Mythos und Moral
Peter Norberg

No 2004:15: Continuing Value in Firm Valuation by the Discounted Cash Flow Model
L. Peter Jennergren

No 2004:14: The Effect on Stock Prices of the Swedish Wealth Tax
L. Peter Jennergren

No 2004:13: Response formats in questionnaires: Itemized rating scales versus continuous rating scales
Fredrik Lange and Magnus Söderlund

No 2004:12: Financial Mentality beyond Good and Evil
Peter Norberg

No 2004:11: A troublesome emergence:A marketing primer on Russian retail banking
Anders Liljenberg and Igor Dukeov

No 2004:10: “I don’t Care that People don’t like what I do” - Business Codes Viewed as Invisible or Visible Restrictions
Peter Norberg

No 2004:9: How well do financial experts perform? A review of empirical research on performance of analysts, day-traders, forecasters, fund managers, investors, and stockbrokers
Patric Andersson

No 2004:8: Loan Subsidy Valuation
L. Peter Jennergren

No 2004:7: Gene Technology in the eyes of the public and experts. Moral opinions, attitudes and risk perception.
Lennart Sjöberg

No 2004:6: Att klassas som elit - finansmarknadens inbäddning i samhället
Peter Norberg

No 2004:5: The impact of pro forma profits on analyst forecasts: Some experimental evidence
Patric Andersson and Niclas Hellman

No 2004:4: Empirical study of an team-based incentive model in the Day Surgical Department at Huddinge University Hospital
Per Arvidsson, Tomas Movin and Christina Rosell

No 2004:3: Measuring and Validating Emotional Intelligence as Performance or Self-Report
Lennart Sjöberg and Elisabeth Engelberg

No 2004:2: Tillväxtområde E-tjänster i offentlig verksamhet –företagsperspektivet
Christoffer Holmberg and Daniel Grenblad

No 2004:1: Kundvalets effekter och funktionssätt
Claes Charpentier

1998 1999 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014
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